12 March 2010

Finally a Historic Resolution - EVXINOS PONTOS STOCKHOLM ‐ SWEDEN

Finally a historic resolution

It is with great joy that we announce that today, Thursday March 11 the Swedish
Parliament has voted for the recognition of the Genocide of the Pontian Greeks and the Christian minorities in Ottoman Turkey. Our association Evxinos Pontos Stockholm
congratulates and applauses the Parliament’s decision to recognize the Genocide. We
believe that this recognition will strengthen the Turkish state’s democratization and the ongoing research about the Genocide.

Our association wants first and for most thank the Armenian and Assyrian National
Federations for the great cooperation that we had all these years in this matter. Without this cooperation, it wouldn’t be possible to carry on this long, hard and complicated process. We would also like to thank all the members of Parliament that have supported our work all these years and with their votes made it possible for us to have a recognition of the Genocide. At the same time we would like to thank the members of Parliament Hans Linde and Fredrik Malm and the former member of Parliament Tasso Stafilidis for their help to present our plead in the Swedish Parliament.

Our president about the recognition
– This is a redress for our forefathers. The recognition is an historic event, not just for Sweden but for the whole world. The recognition is the result of our hard work all these years together with the Armenians and the Assyrians here in Sweden. We have shown the world that justice always wins at the end and history cannot be rewritten by nations or individuals. The Genocide is an historic event, one of the darkest pages of world history books and we hope that Sweden’s recognition will open the eyes of other democratic countries around the world and do the same. We humbly thank all individuals, organizations and members of Parliament that have worked for the recognition of the Genocide, says the association’s president Konstantinos Fraggidis.

Evxinos Pontos Stockholm will continue to support our Swedish society with
information so that we all can continue further with an international recognition.
Once again we want to present our gratitude to all that have helped us to carry out
this recognition in the Swedish Parliament.

For the association’s board,
Konstantinos Fraggidis